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Welcome to
Cold Calling for Hot Sales . . .

. . . the home of Norma Siciliano, author of “101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales,” and trainer to corporate sales teams and entrepreneurs. Norma can help you to increase your sales and income, because she's done it herself: She has sold services to some of the most prominent corporations, including IBM, GE, General Foods, and Perrier.

Norma creates new business for companies . . .    
. . . through her specialized cold calling training. What separates her from others is that in addition to the external techniques, she also address the internal, negative attitudes that prevent people from making cold calls. Your sales team will leave her workshops with the tools they can implement immediately, in order to increase sales and income. 


Benefit from Norma's business-to-business appointments . . .

. . . with my appointment-setting services; securing meetings with high-level decision makers.

Corporate Sales Managers

  •   Do you want more from your sales team?
  •   Are your salespeople excelling?
  •   Is you sales team driven to cold call?
  •   Do you want higher sales and income?
  •   Are you getting all the business you want?


  • Do you want to earn more money?
  • Are you meeting your sales quota?
  • Would you like to uncover the secrets to:
  •      Getting past the gatekeepers?
  •      Mastering the objections?
  •      Gettng the appointments that usually slip away?
  •      Selling - even in an industry slump?

Close more sales faster when you learn to:

  • Conquer the fear of cold calling.
  • Improve sales closing rates.
  • Lessen the stress in your day.
  • Set higher goals and then exceed them.
  • Reach and qualify prospects.
  • Build confidence.
  • Organize efforts.