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Norma Siciliano

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        As a cold calling specialist, Norma is dedicated to improving the sales performance of organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals. She teaches them how to sell the most in the least amount of time with her expert sales and client relationship-building techniques. Her audiences benefit from her engaging personality, straightforward approach and her talent for conveying:
The Art of the Sale: Changing Rejection into a Challenge.

        Norma has an innate talent for putting her audiences at ease as she empowers them to conquer their fear of cold calling. Doubting audiences leave her sessions feeling that they can master cold calling.

        With over 20 years of sales experience, Norma built her career on superior cold-calling skills. She spent more than 10 years at Conde Nast selling advertising for House & Garden magazine. There she cultivated major corporate clients such as IBM, General Electric and Concord Watches. 

       After leaving Conde Nast, Norma founded Cold Calling for Hot Sales, offering clients door-opening services that included securing qualified appointments with high-ranking decision makers. Most people are comfortable selling their service or product once they get in front of the prospect. Norma puts them there. They agree that getting an appointment is 99% of the sale. 

       As the author of 101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales, Norma unlocks the secrets of cold calling that baffle most sales people. Convenient, entertaining and user-friendly, it is a perfect desktop reference that offers support and assistance before, during, and after cold calls. The content is geared to novices as well as seasoned professionals, and is invaluable for entrepreneurs who know everything about their business except how to sell it. (See Products)