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                                              PARTIAL CLIENT LIST & TESTIMONIALS


A. Rifkin Co. - Click here for Testimonial
"The presentation helped make our sales training sessions a success." 
Paul D. Lantz. President & CEO

City & Suburban Federal Bank
"Your presentation was energetic, informative and your interactive style provided a chance for my sales team to gain a better understanding of cold calling. Norma, your program is right for the banking business or any other industry. Please ask your prospects to call for more information at 914-378-8734."
     - Kathy Romagnano, Vice President, Branch Coordinator

FIT (Fashion Institutute of Technology)
"The participants' evaluations from your June 2006 workshops were exceptionally complimentary, e.g., "For anyone in need of a quick, yet thorough course in cold calling, these classes provide guidelines to overcome the fear of picking up the phone, and a follow-up plan to keep you on track."
   Christine Helm, Program Manager, Enterprise Center

J. Sussman, Inc. - Click here for Testimonial
"You met the audience's expectations and more. Your individual and group exercises engaged our sales reps, and kept them interested. "101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales" is written in a clear and easy to understand manner."
      Mel Wachsstock, Marketing Director

Graphic Designers Exchange

"You were a 'star.' We all derived value from the cold calling presentation."
      Athena Foroglu, President 

Anita Evans, Marketing Consultant
"You're a great advocate for the power of cold calling to improve performance - whatever field you're in. Working with you taught me a tremendous amount about using cold calling to reach the people I need and achieve the results I want. A great help to any professional." 

Career & Life Design - Click here for Testimonial
"Norma's sense of humor is engaging, producing a relaxed and comfortable workshop environment."
      Trudy Meehan, President 

Robert Gray Associates
"Your coaching for my salespeople improved our ability to reach prospects we never could before."
      Robert Gray, President 


Trylon Communications, Inc.
-Click here for Testimonial
"Her tenacious sales ability is only surpassed by the quality of the appointments that were obtained for me."
      Lloyd Trufelman, President & CEO 
Choyce Peterson, Inc.
"What I like about Norma is that she does what she says she is going to do - rare these days for a vendor - from phone calls and sending out emails on our behalf, to the comprehensive weekly written reports - she executes. I would heartily recommend her."
     John P. Hannigan, Principal

Automated Resources Group, Int'l. - Click here for Testimonial
"You have exceeded our expectations with the number of appointments you have been able to obtain for us. Our service is distinctly technical - it is particularly difficult to communicate."
      Alex Amoriello, Chief Marketing Officer

MBS Bookkeeping - Click here for Testimonial
Many of the companies with which you set meetings for us have favorable comments on your professionalism. You absolutely help to improve our company’s image. I am also glad that I decided to have you coach our sales reps to do cold calling. Their sales have improved tremendously.
      Mark A. Gilbert, President

NYC Midtown Coaching Center

"Your cold calling services improved my business tremendously. You reached prospects that I have been trying to contact for a long time."
      Craig Jennings, President


Group W Marketing
"I won't let a salesman start until they have read your booklet, "101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales."  My three companies now employ over 75 salesmen and every one has read this insightful guide to cold calling. I wish someone had made me read this cold calling gospel when I started in sales. If I wasn't too stubborn to listen I could have avoided a lot of rejection and made my calling time more productive. Your lecture on cold calling could have saved me years of trial and error."
      Bill Warshauer, President

Exposition Sales & Design, Inc.
" '101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales' is an excellent refresher course for an experienced sales person like myself. I was glad to learn some new techniques that have increased my sales and income. In addition, I was surprised to find that it addresses some complacency issues that I was not aware of."
      Maria Pritchett, Sales Executive

Gregory A. Roach, Designer, NYC - Click here for Testimonial

'101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales' is a must study for anyone who wishes to hone their skills in this most essential of good business practices."