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Yes, believe it or not, cold calling can be enjoyable. All it takes is a positive attitude. Let us count the number of pleasurable rewards you will receive from making introductory calls:

  1. A Cold Call by any Other Name . . . is an Introduction: Think of your calls as an introduction rather than a cold call. It takes a lot of stress out of the process. After all, that is exactly what you are -- or should be doing. You ought to be introducing yourself and your product or service and establishing a relationship, not trying to close a sale. You'll get in the door a lot faster if you don't ask for a commitment up front. It's more difficult for a prospect to turn you down face to face.

  2. Produce Appointments: Cold calls produce appointments. It is also the fastest, most direct method of developing new business. Unless you are referred to a prospect directly, it's one of the most efficient ways to reach more people in less time. Most importantly, obtaining an appointment is 99 percent of the sale.

  3. Build Confidence: Success with cold calling builds sales confidence. After you make the first call, it is easier to make the next, and the next, and the next. If you are reluctant at first, make a small goal for yourself to make ONLY one call a day, or even a week. You must admit that's very little pressure. Whether you are successful or not, you've at least picked up the phone, and then went on to tasks you consider more pleasurable.

  4. Sell... Even in an Industry Slump: We're living in unusual times, and unusual times call for unusual measures, strategies, and creativity. The old days of the business coming to you are gone. You need to do your best at cold calling. It is not a choice, it is crucial to your sales success. Prospects may be spending less, but they're still doing business. If you don't make the calls, your competition will.

  5. You Are the Authority: Use language that distinguishes you from the crowd: "We stand out in . . ." or "We are famous for . . ." It will help to convince new prospects that you have the respect of the business community because of your high quality work. You are in charge when you talk to your prospect as a peer, not a sales person; don't talk up to her.

  6. Get Creative Juices Flowing: When you have the job of getting past the gatekeeper, reaching and qualifying the decision maker, and counteracting the objections, your inventiveness comes into play out of pure necessity. When one technique doesn't work, it forces you to take another tack. If you don't get through one way, you find yourself trying another. For instance: if you can't reach the decision maker during regular office hours, you may want to try calling during lunch time, and before and after hours.

  7. Cold Calling Rules! Cold calling is an art. It is the art of getting past the gatekeepers, reaching and qualifying the decision makers, counteracting their objections, and finally getting the appointment - and to repeat, is 99 percent of the sale. When your contacts and friends can no longer help you make a contact or a sale, cold calling is extremely important. In fact, it can increase your sales and income by 10 percent.

Not to worry, I haven't forgotten about the negative aspects of cold calling:


  1. Burnout: If you don't pace yourself, you will definitely burn out, which will keep you making calls. To prevent fatigue and lack of enthusiasm, set a specific amount of time to make your calls, say one hour, without interruption: a) don't take incoming calls b) sit up straight and remember to breathe c) when working from home, ask the family not to disturb you during that time d) if you make calls for more than one hour at a time, take a 10-minute break every 60 minutes; it's like a mini-vacation. Stand and walk around, drink a glass of water - you'll return refreshed.

  2. Rejection: It's about them, not about you. Don't make the mistake of interpreting an objection as a rejection. Your prospect is not rejecting you; she's just not sitting there waiting for your call. The secret is to not take an objection personally, but to use it as a challenge for the next call.

  3. Calling Strangers: Calling people who don't know you or your company can be stressful, so you must check your attitude. When you sound confident, and more importantly, authoritative, you get the prospect's attention as a peer, not as a sales person. The other barrier breaker is to give the prospect the benefits of your product or service up front; again appealing to their interest. Benefits are perceived as profits to your prospect. This is extremely important, so I shall repeat: Benefits are perceived as profits to your prospect.

  4. Weak Market: Yup, there's no denying that when money is tight, prospects' response can be curt and their attention span is short. It's up to you to put them at ease. As we said earlier, they may be spending less, but they're still running a business. It's your job to convince them why they're money will be better spent with you rather than the competition.

Fortunately, the joys definitely outweigh the negatives. That should give you the incentive to jump in and win that new business by cold calling - that is, making introductory calls.