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Cook Up A Hot Cold-Calling Script

       Until you are comfortable with selling your product over the telephone, using a script during your cold calls will be of value to you. Even if you think you have your pitch memorized, or if you have been selling the same product for years, anxiety can block the most important benefits or features of your product when you're in the middle of a sales pitch, especially if it is a particularly important prospect for you. If you are selling to more than one industry, or if you are selling more than one product, it may be to your advantage to write a script for each situation. But, remember not to let it sound like you're reading word for word.

       The reason for writing a script is not only for the purpose of using it during a cold call, but also to help you to present the "benefits" of your product first at all times. It is the "hook" that quickly holds your prospect's attention. Therefore, it is to your advantage to write a script, whether or not you use it. Your prospect is only interested in what your product can do for her - in other words, the concrete, tangible advantages. She's not interested in how your widget works.

       To help you to remember to present your product's benefits first, you may want to remember that your prospects perceive benefits as income. To make it easier to comprehend, try turning the situation around, and put yourself in your prospect's shoes -- literally.

       If someone was trying to sell you a pair of shoes, ask yourself what would make you buy them. Be honest with yourself. What benefits would be most important to you? In order to save time, would the convenience of the store's location and hours be important to you? Are you looking for comfort? Will you use them for dancing, walking or hiking? Is style your main concern? How about the material the shoe is made from? Would you prefer leather, suede or silk? Is there a special event or holiday you need them for? Do you want a long-lasting, high-quality product? Are designer labels of interest to you? Is it important to you that a celebrity wears a certain style or brand? Does color matter to you? Are you trying to match them up with a new outfit? How about price? Is that important to you? Would you take advantage of a discount or sale? Wouldn't you perceive a good buy as income? The more the shoes please you, the more use you will probably get out of them. The more wear you get out of them, the higher the value you will place on them.

       Most of the above-mentioned questions (which are the perceived benefits), about what makes you buy a pair of shoes can be used for your product as well. You may want to do an exercise to see how many of them would be applicable to your product such as: convenience, quality, durability, price, material, and compatibility. Then, add more of your product's benefits to this list for a complete, well-developed script.

       These are the building blocks -- the cement that strengthens the benefits that are perceived as income to your prospects.

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