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Corporate Sales Training

Attention: CEO's  Marketing Directors - Sales Managers - Business Owners

  • Are your sales people being evasive?
  • Is cold calling what they're dodging?
  • They can cold call & I can teach them how.

Would you like a dynamic sales program that is:
  • Educational, Motivational, and Profitable?
  • Focused on the most profitable aspect of sales - cold calling?
  • Beneficial to both novices and sales professionals?
  • Distinguished from ordinary sales training? Focus is placed on . . .
    Negative Attitudes that Prevent Successful Cold Calling.

Most training focuses on external techniques. I complete the training with internal, negative attitudes that stop people from cold calling. Your staff walks away with tools they can immediately implement to . . .
Increase Their Sales and Income.

Wouldn't you like your sales staff to be inspired, enthusiastic and on fire?
They will learn The Art of the Sale: Changing a Rejection into a Challenge . . .
      I'll Deliver A Dynamic, Championship Sales Team.

Confident sales people lead to bigger dollars.
Increase your sales and income.
Win business from your competition with my . . .
      Effective Cold Calling Tools.

Training is tailored to client's needs. Norma has the ability to listen to her clients, then help to explore, understand and clarify their objectives to add value.
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Norma's interactive presentations incorporate exercises, case studies and group activities, which give your sales staff a hands-on experience. Her clear-cut, direct manner, and her innate talent for putting her audiences at ease, empowers them to conquer their fear of cold calling. Observers leave Norma's sessions feeling that they can master cold calling. They benefit from her engaging personality, and her talent for conveying The Art of the Sale: Changing Rejection into a Challenge.