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Professional Coaching & Training for:    Entrepreneurs
                                                               Sole Proprietors
                                                               Home-Based Businesses
                                                               Sales Professionals and Individuals

Do you feel that you would close the sale
if you could only get in front of your prospect?
I will help put you there to close the sale!

I will coach you or your staff to get out of these tight spots:
  • Telephone Panic
  • Fear Of Rejection
  • Terror Of Getting Past The Gatekeepers
  • Not Knowing What To Say To The Decision Maker
  • Prospects' Objections
  • Poor Sales Growth

The panic level for cold calling ranks up there with:
  • public speaking
  • a visit to the dentist
  • and death
My coaching can help you to alleviate your fear.
I've been there, and know how to remedy it.

I have been a sales professional for over 20 years; 10 years at Conde Nast's "House & Garden" magazine, selling advertising to major corporations such as IBM, GE, and Concord Watches.

After leaving "House & Garden," I launched Cold Calling for Hot Sales, an appointment-setting service. Cold calling was more difficult when I went out on my own. No longer could I say that I was calling from a well-known publication like "House & Garden" magazine. After perfecting my cold calling skills, I authored, "101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales," and started coaching and training. I now present coaching and training seminars to individuals, corporations, and educational institutions.

To purchase my booklet, "101 Cold Calling Tips for Hot Sales" - Click Here